Welcome To Palisades Painting Company!

Welcome To My Business Site!


Welcome To Palisades Paint

(a few miles, that is)

My name is Don Clasen the owner of Palisades Painting (formerly Applied Painting), a company I started with a friend way back in 1979 in little Mt. Morris, Illinois. Over the years I have painted hundreds of homes and businesses both interiors and exteriors. I’ve scaled back in size more recently from having a crew and extensive equipment. Now I just paint by myself, but you can benefit from my years of experience, expertise and affordable prices.

On my site you can learn about my work and philosophy as well as articles about painting and decorating that you can use on your own as well. I have tried to design this site with a tasteful blend of colors that reflect my sense of style along with tributes to the beauty found in the Pacific Palisades and surrounding areas. I hope you enjoy the experience.

What kind of services can I offer to you?

-Exteriors, whole or in part
-Interiors-walls, trim, kitchen cabinets, floors, etc.
-Furniture restoration
-Front door restoration—stain & polyurethane, paint, etc.
-Metal gates and wrought iron

I can also do minor repairs if you need. Just call and ask.

(310) 770-2772 (cell)

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A Tail and One Door

A Tail and One Door

“God bless us, every one!”

While not as dramatic as our “Tale of Two Doors” below, this one marginally involves a dog…[more]

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A Tale of Two Doors

A Tale of Two Doors by Don Clasen

“Frankly my dear, I think we should let Clasen take care of it.”

An old customer of mine in Beverly Hills had two heavy, stained and varnished wooden front doors that had badly faded from the California sun…[more, with before and after photos]


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Selecting The Right Paint For Your Job

Things To Consider Before You Paint

Palisades Elegance

Settling on which paint to buy can be a bewildering experience to the average consumer. There are so many brands to choose from, so many lines within a brand, and so many types of paint to deal with. Most interior and exterior jobs are pretty straightforward however and don’t require specialized knowledge or products. In this article I’ll give you some broad overall considerations to keep in mind…[more]

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Things To Consider Before You Paint

Things To Consider Before You Paint

Palisades Living

Let’s face it. Home ownership can be expensive with maintenance and upkeep being no small part of the equation. However, the advantages are many, including:

  • Aesthetic beauty and pride of neighborhood.
  • Protection of the structure of your home, especially the exterior…[more]
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Your Palisades Paint Advantages

Your Palisades Paint Advantages

Yes, we all know how lucky we are.

Why it’s worth calling me.

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